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Printer Standby (?) - issued by PC or printer?
Posted by: IIVQ ()
Date: August 28, 2008 04:39AM


I notice that about 5 minutes after printing on my 1018, something in it moves and makes a short sound - I suppose it goes into a power-save-state or so.

Question: What is this and is it controlled by the host PC or in the Firmware? If it is a power-save-state, can I read this out somehow?

Reason I ask this, is that I don't print a lot and want the printer off power via the gembird sis-pm ( http://www.gembird.cn/main.asp?mode=item&N=5915 ), and I wondered whether I can issue this command together with the "sleep" command - if it comes from the PC - or that I have to check the state before shutting down.

With regards,


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