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Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205 FW works (& ImageableArea tweak)
Posted by: projectgus ()
Date: February 03, 2014 01:23AM

I bought one of the networked Fuji DPCM205FW all-in-ones and it pretty much "just worked" with foo2hpbl. Thanks very much for your great work!

I did notice that using the default PPD "Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205 Foomatic/foo2hbpl", the right-hand margin was clipped when printing the Ubuntu cups test page on A4.

My foo2zjs version is 2014-01-26, and my cups version is 1.7.0~rc1-0ubuntu5.1.

I found I could get the margin back by slightly shrinking the ImageableArea for A4 in PPD/Fuji_Xerox-DocuPrint_CM205.ppd:154:

It was originally this:

*ImageableArea A4/A4: "9 12.00 586 830.00"

And I trimmed the right hand margin by 1 unit, to this:

*ImageableArea A4/A4: "9 12.00 585 830.00"

... here's a PDF showing scans of prints done before and after. Page 1 & 2 show before, pages 3 & 4 show after.


I also tried trimming by only half a unit, to value 585.50. With this value the right-hand margin was visible but didn't print at full width. I didn't try any finer values.

I don't know if this ImageableArea is specific to the CM205FW variant, a result of varying manufacturing tolerances, or a bug in all CM205 variants but I thought I'd mention it.

(For anyone wondering about other issues setting up a DPCM205FW with Linux over the network, it was generally very easy. However for some reason the Avahi/zeroconf support doesn't work on the firmware I have, despite being turned on in the admin web interface. So cups couldn't autodiscover the printer. Once you know the IP address it is straightforward to add though - just select "Administration -> Add Printer", then "AppSocket/HP JetDirect", then socket://xxxxx:9100 for the address. Easy!)

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