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Install on Xubuntu Dapper Drake iMac 266
Posted by: Snial ()
Date: April 14, 2007 07:37AM

Hi folks,

I managed to get my Samsung Clp-300 installed on Xubuntu Dapper Drake on a 266MHz iMac G3. I took me a bit of work, but it's not too hard.

There are two basic problems with installing on Xubuntu/Dapper Drake.

1. Xubuntu doesn't provide the gome-cups-manager, you just get basic cups stuff like lpadmin and lpinfo.

2. cups is a bit broken on Dapper Drake ( see

I originally followed the basic installation instructions, but they failed 'cos it couldn't see the USB printer and then when I got to the lpadmin command it couldn't copy the ppd file - I had specified the ~/foo2zjs/PPD folder.

This is how I fixed it:

1. The printer needs to be plugged in first - it's then seen as: usb://Samsung/CLP-300 when you type:
$lpinfo -v

2. I uninstalled the printer using the documentation for foomatic:

sudo make uninstall

3. Then I followed the cups uninstall instructions at:

which are:

sudo foomatic-cleanupdrivers
sudo adduser cupsys shadow
sudo dpkg-reconfigure cupsys

(this last application is interactive, it leads you through many choices, I chose defaults for everything apart from where the interface was specified, I was able to choose USB).

4. Then I followed the foo2qpdl install instructions:

But I didn't try the ubuntu gnome-cups-manager, because xubuntu doesn't use it.

I had noticed that it had inserted .gz versions of the ppd files into /usr/share/cups/model so I figured the ppd's have been put in the right place.

5. I used Applications->System->Users and Groups to see whether I was in the lpadmin group and I was, so that was good.

6. Then I followed the instructions on setting up the Cups printer via http://localhost:631/. That was fairly straightforward. I clicked on 'Administration', then 'Add Printer'. The printer name, description and location stuff are just names and descriptions you make up. The Make and Model: Samsung CLP-300 Foomatic/foo2qpdl was listed in the drop-down on the next page so I didn't have to browse for a .ppd, and the device URI was also listed amongst the options.

7. Then it asked me for my username and password - which it accepted and then it told me the printer had now been installed. Great!

I then setup the printer's configuration: A4, 1up etc and finally made it the default printer. And finally I printed a couple of pages using it!

Great! And then I paid $15 for the software - so I'm one of the handful of IP addresses now :-)

-cheers from Snial @P.

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