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groff error while compiling latest version [ubuntu; solved; apt-get install groff]
Posted by: pavneet ()
Date: April 22, 2010 06:22PM

I know that this error has been reported on the debian lists, and is fixed upstream but I just wanted to report it hear as well for version since it hasn't made it down into the Ubuntu distro. This is for compiling foo2zjs version 2010-04-21 on Ubuntu 9.10:

$ make install
groff -t -man foo2zjs-wrapper.1 foo2zjs.1 zjsdecode.1 foo2oak-wrapper.1 foo2oak.1 oakdecode.1 foo2hp2600-wrapper.1 foo2hp.1 foo2xqx-wrapper.1 foo2xqx.1 xqxdecode.1 foo2lava-wrapper.1 foo2lava.1 lavadecode.1 opldecode.1 foo2qpdl-wrapper.1 foo2qpdl.1 qpdldecode.1 foo2slx-wrapper.1 foo2slx.1 slxdecode.1 foo2hiperc-wrapper.1 foo2hiperc.1 hipercdecode.1 foo2zjs-pstops.1 arm2hpdl.1 usb_printerid.1 printer-profile.1 | ps2pdf - manual.pdf

/usr/share/groff/1.20.1/tmac/ps.tmac:689: can't find macro file `europs.tmac'

Is there a recommended workaround? I haven't found it elsewhere, i.e., where to get this mysterious europs.tmac?

Thanks and regards.

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Re: groff error while compiling latest version
Posted by: pavneet ()
Date: April 22, 2010 06:42PM

To answer my own question, and why I didn't see this when I was look earlier, I just don't know:

Simply use Package-Manager to install groff in addition to groff-base and one can get a clean compile.


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