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HP1102w low resolution and density, GalliumOS 2.0
Posted by: sporkey ()
Date: September 05, 2016 03:46PM


I have just setup my P1102w using foo2zjs (after removing the package that comes with the OS and disabling smart install) with the instructions on the following page:

Text documents are printing legibly. However, images have very poor toner density.

The only resolution option is 300x300. Changing paper type, toner density to 5, saturation or brightness have little effect on print output. I have also tried removing the hplip package with no improvement.

Is there anything else that I should install? Can I use ICM to change the print density?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HP1102w low resolution and density, GalliumOS 2.0
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: September 05, 2016 04:52PM

$ root grep foo2 /var/log/messages
Sep  5 15:33:01 quad foo2zjs-wrapper: foo2zjs-wrapper -z2 -P -L0 -r1200x600 -p1 -T3 -m1 -s7 -n1
Sep  5 15:33:02 quad foo2zjs-wrapper: gs -sPAPERSIZE=letter -g10200x6600 -r1200x600 -sDEVICE=pbmraw -dCOLORSCREEN -dMaxBitmap=500000000
Sep  5 15:33:02 quad foo2zjs-wrapper: foo2zjs -r1200x600 -g10200x6600 -p1 -m1 -n1 -d1 -s7 -z2  -u 192x96 -l 192x96 -L 0  -T3    -P

1200x600 is the resolution on my HP1102w. I printed a picture and it was AOK. Density was 3.

$ xv ~/abbybday.jpg
Print -> Color -> Max -> Ok

I use genuine HP toners.

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