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Some source questions...
Posted by: leo_h ()
Date: August 07, 2010 03:08PM


I'm checking the source and at around line 832 in foo2qpdl.c:
switch (Model)
case MODEL_CLP620:
fprintf(ofp, "@PJL SET RESOLUTION=600\r\n");
fprintf(ofp, "@PJL SET BITSPERPIXEL=2\r\n");

I suppose the above "@PJL SET RESOLUTION=600" job control says that resolution is fixed at 600dpi, but in the corresponding Samsung-CLP-620.ppd file supports three resolutions: 1200x600dpi, 600x600dpi and 1200x1200dpi. Is this consistent when selecting other resolutions?

Also, "@PJL SET BITSPERPIXEL=2", imply that this printer can process 2 bit-per-pixel of each color plane? Is this correct?


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