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foo2zjs on Mandriva 2007 spring
Posted by: cortezb3 ()
Date: July 29, 2007 04:00PM

I had previous success with Mandriva 2006.0 and 2007.0. I am running 2.6.17-14mdv and got the foo2zjs.tar.gz. I ungzipped cd and ran
[root@localhost foo2zjs]# make uninstall
it removed appropriate files...

I ran:

[root@localhost foo2zjs]# make
# Dependencies...
# ... OK!
cd icc2ps; make all

I'll spare you the verbose hash, but make ran wget, grabbed the tarballs and installed them properly.

I ran ./getweb 2600n --no problems.

I ran make cups [it restarted CUPS but I restarted again anyway with 'service cups restart']

I then ran printerdrake and this is where the errors begin.

I pointed the GUI to the correct IP address [yes, I am sure of the IP address] and used port 9100. I selected the ppd from the hp list [2600n] and i got the following error.

lpadmin: File device URIs have been disabled! To enable, see the FileDevice directive in "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf".

A review of this file showed no reference of this directive.

I browsed the list for tips and saw hplip should be avoided. I ran
rpm -qa|grep hplip and found it installed but I can't uninstall hplip-hpijs-1.6.12-2mdv2007.1.i586 without breaking printerdrake and subsequently drakconf.

This is a new install of the latest from Mandriva free.

Anyone have a suggestion, I'd appreciate it.


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Re: foo2zjs on Mandriva 2007 spring
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: July 31, 2007 04:38PM

Not file URI.

URI is socket://ipaddr:9100

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Re: foo2zjs on Mandriva 2007 spring
Posted by: cortezb3 ()
Date: August 03, 2007 08:18AM

Apparently the problem was printerdrake. No matter what I selected, it defaulted to the file URI and I didn't catch it. If anyone else out there in Mandriva land has this issue, using the CUPS web GUI worked for me. Docs are listed on the install page of this site under the creating queues.



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