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Comparison to Samsung driver
Posted by: awilkins ()
Date: April 02, 2008 01:15PM

The most noticeable plus is that the official Samsung driver is ludicrously over-heavy with toner, especially black toner, when doing colour prints ; all the text and lines are surrounded by a halo of fuzz, and you can see raised lines where the toner build-up is so great ; the text almost looks embossed. The foo2qpdl driver does not seem to suffer from this and has sharp, well delineated blacks.

It's obvious that their Linux driver team don't actually bother testing the driver on the printer. Or they perceive Linux users as easy prey for more frequent toner refills.

Issue 1 ; colour > black conversion quality

Mono prints appear to be about equivalent in terms of toner weight, but the foo2qpdl driver in Mono mode doesn't quite have the same quality as the Samsung driver set to Grayscale. The issue here seems to be coloured lines and text that have been converted to black ; the foo2qpdl driver produces a very slight jagged edge, even on straight lines. The Samsung driver does not. Is this a halftone issue as described on the front page? I wasn't able to work out how to switch to the alternate colour correction method, so I'm stuck using the ICM file at present. This is not especially noticeable, but all feedback is good feedback.

Issue 2 ; yellow separation is off by about a mm.

The Samsung driver, despite it's extreme over-use of toner, gets the placement of the Y colour separation right (or closer than foo2qpdl). foo2qpdl appears to place the Y separation approximately 1mm too high on my hardware. Thin lines with a yellow component are especially noticeable. There is also a "halo" effect on any text with a yellow component. The displacement is about 1mm too high ; the horizontal looks right (orange and green dotted and dashed lines on a square edged graph are best to demonstrate this). Is there a way to adjust this?

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Re: Comparison to Samsung driver
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: April 02, 2008 04:44PM

Issue 1: Way it works.
Issue 2: It is all done by ghostscript. Talk to them about the bitcmyk device if it doesn't work for yellow.

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