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Compiling for IPFire
Posted by: mc5686 ()
Date: November 18, 2010 09:55AM

I compiled for IPFire (a firewall distribution based on LFS) to double the firewall as print server for my home network (printer is CLP-315).
It works ok for me.

I wanted to contribute back the compilation scripts to IPFire, but there's the problem the compilation needs to access the Internet between compilation and installation for ./getweb.
I am using "./getweb all" in the scripts.
Is there some way to get an equivalent archive either beforehand (together with foo2zjs.tar.gz) or later (after installation and before restarting cups)?
I am re-packaging foo2zjs in a "pakfire" archive that will be sent to the actual firewall.

First of all: is that allowed?
Secondly: I would like to get all printer definition into the .pakfire package, is that ok?
Third question: AFAIK there is no versioning scheme in this driver. Is it so? Should I use the download date as version? Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for any comment.

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