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Share the printer [solved]
Posted by: nelfer ()
Date: November 27, 2007 12:51AM

Based on what I read, the foo2zjs sits between postscript and the actual printer. Based on this diagram:

So my thought was, when I share this printer, I only have to tell (in the other end) that this is a postscript printer. However, that didn't work.

My idea was that I only needed to install the driver in my printer server and then the PCs getting to the shared printer will use just a generic postscript driver.

But that didn't happen. I had to install foo2zjs on each computer that wanted to print. If I used a generic postscript driver, it will get to the printer, because the lights were flashing, but it'll never finish printing. The lights just keep on flashing.

So now I just upgraded to the new Ubuntu all PCs and I'm about to start the printer setup again (about 4 computers....I know it's not that 'hard' to install it, but it will simplify, when doing upgrades to the driver, as well as better control of what's installed on each PC). It's there a way to do what I was thinking? Share the printer as a postscript and have the driver only installed in the printer server? Printer server runs Ubuntu and driver works great.

That will really simplify my setup. It actually makes sense too. Even Windows computer would be able to print to it (There are drivers of "Mac" printers that are postscript included with Windows that will work out of the box. I know because I created a pseudo printer to make PDFs in the past and it worked).

Did I miss something? If you guys can help, I'll really appreciate it.

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Re: Share the printer
Posted by: nelfer ()
Date: December 04, 2007 11:13AM

Ahh! Nevermind people!
I was doing it wrong. I was trying to "Add" the printer on each computer, which means that the local computer will do a raw write to the shared port. Instead I just need to check (in Ubuntu, don't know in other distros) "Show printers shared by other systems" in the Printer Manager.
And that will automatically make CUPS work with the driver in the server (no need to install it in the local machine)

Thanks anyway!

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