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nice text, but very bad colors ...
Posted by: melichades ()
Date: September 06, 2007 05:18PM

Hi - found this site and installed my hp color laserjet 1600 as described in the install-file.
It prints clear & sharp text, but rubbish images ... colorless, without resolution and with blurred parts.
I shared the printer, and connecting from a windows-box via http://...:631/printers/Color.... it is printing very well.
I noticed the default "monochrome" setting, which was easy to replace; I also noticed the 1600 having no "resolution" entry in the ppd?
Rick, you showed an image as "prints well" in some other post, but this image also does not print well on my box.
Any clues?

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Re: nice text, but very bad colors ...
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: September 06, 2007 08:40PM

Use gs 8.54 or better.

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