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How to tell which driver is being used, or change it
Posted by: Jim.Harris ()
Date: May 26, 2008 05:54PM


This is my first post on such a forum as this, and I am confused about lots of stuff in Linux, though I have been working with Ubuntu (mostly gutsy Gibbon 7.10) for a couple years on and off.

The problem I have right now is not so much that I think anything is broken, but I just can't tell if my system is actually using the foo2zjs driver I downloaded from


which think I installed according to the instructions.

The reason I wonder is mainly that when I look at the printer configuration, it says it is using the foo2hp (recommended) driver, and I think it should say foo2hp (without the recommended).

So please tell me:

1. How do I tell what driver is actually being used when I print to my LJ1600?

2. If my system is not using the foo2hp driver I just installed, how do I switch it to that one?

NOTE: The instruction to run gnome-cups-manager does not work, and the screen shots at


bear little resemblance to the screens I get in 7.10. Specifically, there is no "Install driver" option. Instead I choose from the main menu System >> Administration >> Printing. I get a window called "Printer configuration - localhost" with several tabs, one of which has some of the things you tell me to choose, i..e. Color Mode: Color and Bits Per Plane: 1.

On that same tab is a heading called Adjustment, which has only one item, ICM Color Profile, and one of the entries in its drop-list is file ICCFactory 1 which I seem to recall reading about but now cannot find.

Anyway, in an effort to tell this print queue to use the foo2hp driver I just installed, I choose the Settings tab, and on it under Make and Model (which always shows HP Color LaserJet 1600 Foomatic/foo2hp (recommended) no matter what I do) I choose "Change" which takes me to a Change Driver window where I select "Provide PPD File" and tell it to use


which must be the one I just installed because it has the date/time of when I did the sudo make install.

But, as you know, there are no instructions to do what I did, and I can't tell if it makes any difference anyway.

Please help un-confuse me.

Thanks for any help.


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Re: How to tell which driver is being used, or change it
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: May 26, 2008 08:50PM

Delete the printer.

$ sudo make uninstall
$ sudo gnome-cups-manager
no HP LJ 1600 - good!!!

Then, make, ./getweb 1600, make install, make cups, etc.
Add the printer, using two queues: mono and color.

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