foo2hp -m (media type)?
Posted by: roger ()
Date: February 26, 2008 02:24AM

Can somebody please explain the foo2hp -m option... the man file doesn't go into depth on explaining what the "-m" or "media type" does besides the fact it accepts integers from 0-256?

Reason I'm asking, HP Color LaserJet paper is 96 brightness and 28 lbs. I need to somehow adjust my 2600N printer to print on this paper without dumping too much toner.

About the only paper I can use is the 20lb HP Multi Purpose paper. Maybe it's still an engineering defect with this puppy. Either way, whether conserving toner or it's a h/w bug, wondering how to negotiate Media Types according to the type of paper I buy (ie. 28lb HP Color LaserJet Paper - 96 Brightness, 20lb HP Multi-Purpose, or Bond/Stock paper.)


Re: foo2hp -m (media type)?
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: February 26, 2008 05:37AM

$ man foo2hp2600-wrapper
     -m media
              Media code to send to printer [1].

              Media          HPLJ 2600n
              plain               1
              preprinted        514
              letterhead        513
              transparency        2
              prepunched        515
              labels            265
              bond              260
              recycled          516
              color             512
              tough             276
              envelope          267
              light             258
              heavy             262
              cardstock         261
              lightglossy       268
              glossy            269
              heavyglossy       270
              cover             277
              photo             278

Re: foo2hp -m (media type)?
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: February 26, 2008 09:54AM

For color, read "CUSTOM ICC/ICM COLOR PRINTER PROFILE" in INSTALL. You need a ICM file for every media/weight type. Savetoner works on monochrome only.

Re: foo2hp -m (media type)?
Posted by: roger ()
Date: March 09, 2008 01:49AM

Will using the default icm profile suffice when printing color?

(... for some reason, my printouts look extremely dark, especially when compared to MS Window's printouts. As if the printer is just dumping toner.)


Re: foo2hp -m (media type)?
Posted by: roger ()
Date: March 09, 2008 03:58AM

Seems -m and -p are pretty much mean the same. Moving my issue to a new topic.


Re: foo2hp -m (media type)?
Date: June 10, 2008 11:45PM

Following the instructions, I have the foo2hp working under Fedora 9, 64bit version. Monochrome seems perfect but color also appears reasonable except that with color printing, the black from the centre to the edge of the color wheel is about 70 percent from the centre to the edge.

From Circumference:
|__| <-- width clean colors, no black ramped circle
|_| <-- width grey cover over the colors, can detect the colors underneath
Balance of distance to centre -- black overlays the colors.

Also note, that the firmware in the printer has changed (2008/03 update was installed). Does that make a difference to the color rendering?


PS. Was happy to make my contribution. Would be even happier to redo it if the color wheel in color print was as well balanced with the black circular ramp as balanced in density changing as the B/W wheel is in B/W print mode.

I will RTFM and see what settings are available to adjust balance. If I find a great setting, I will post that info here.

BTW, the link in the website for the Color LaserJet 2600n is wrong. Do a search of the HP website to obtain the link.

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