Network Printing Issue [solved - use Postscript on Win/XP]
Posted by: beetham ()
Date: September 24, 2008 04:12PM

I'm having a problem with Network Printing to my HP1000.

The printer is direct connected to an Ubuntu 8.04 machine and local prints work fine however if I try to print via the network the print arrives and can be "seen" as printing via the software queues, but nothing ever comes out the printer.

I've been digging at this for a while and can't wrap my head around where the problem may be.

Today I paused the printer and took a look at the prints residing in /var/spool/cups

When I do a file command on the two prints I come up with the local print being identified as
Postscript document text conforming at level 3.0

However the network print comes out as Zenographics ZjStream printer data (big-endian)

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas where I should look next.



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Re: Network Printing Issue
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: September 24, 2008 05:36PM

Using an HP 1020 on Fedora 9.

On the local system:
$ system-config-printer
Server Settings -> Share published printers connected to this system

On the remote system:
$ system-config-printer
New Printer -> Internet Printing Protocol -> "remote" -> Find Queue -> "hp 1020" -> OK
-> Forward -> Apply
Works good. Lasts a long time.

Re: Network Printing Issue [Ubuntu 8.04]
Posted by: beetham ()
Date: September 25, 2008 09:56AM

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough.

The printer is already set up for network sharing and appears to work quite fine except nothing comes out of the printer (when printing across the network.) The other system that I am trying to print from is an XP laptop.

The print goes into the queue (can be seen both from the XP machine and my Ubuntu machine) and the print is reported as having printed - but nothing is there!

Local printing (within Ubuntu to the connected printer) works fine.

I captured both print spools and did a file command on it - which is where it identified a difference.

The successfully printed document resides as a Postscript document in the spool directory, while the document that disappears is Zenographics ZjStream data.

Any other ideas?

Re: Network Printing Issue [Ubuntu 8.04]
Posted by: rickrich ()
Date: September 25, 2008 10:21AM

Sorry. No idea using Windows. You should upgrade the laptop to linux.

Re: Network Printing Issue [Windows/XP]
Posted by: beetham ()
Date: September 25, 2008 10:40AM

Upgrading the laptop is not feasible nor do I think would it fix anything.

The problem is with the Ubuntu box. The laptop prints across the network fine if I boot the computer up into Windows (vice Ubuntu). I am sure the problem is somewhere in the processing of the transferred data (within Ubuntu).

Re: Network Printing Issue [Windows/XP]
Posted by: beetham ()
Date: September 25, 2008 11:53AM

Ok just to add to the confusion...

I managed to drag out an old laptop of mine which I was able to install Debian (running KDE 3.5.5) on a few years ago.

It found and identified the network printer without any problem, I set it up and did a test print. It squawked at me that it couldn't understand "text" and asked me if I wanted to "convert" it.

I ok'd the conversion - and it printed out on the printer... Which now means I have to start maybe looking at XP - the whole thing is quite bizarre (to say the least).

Comments/suggestions anyone? My head is starting to hurt :(

Re: Network Printing Issue [Windows/XP]
Posted by: beetham ()
Date: September 25, 2008 03:52PM

Thankyou RickRich

Solution found. Once again (as usual) the answer is simple once you know it!

The clue was in the differing file types and my problem was not comprehending the entire print process across the network.

Foo2 allows one to use an HP1000 printer within Linux by converting the postscript output to a Zenographics ZjStream which the printer understands.

In the /var/cups/spool directory, the file that was "still" in Postscript format printed, the other was already converted and so didn't get printed. My testing with my old Debian laptop showed a document that was delivered in Postscript format. Which made the penny drop.

Since Linux/Unix/*nix uses Postscript as it's default. So all *nix connections would of course work AND it showed that Windows wasn't delivering in Postscript, it was in fact delivering it already converted for the HP1000 in Zenographics ZjStream format!

When I had installed the network printer on Windows, I naturally went with the driver/configuration for the actual printer HP1000. This is where all the grief occurred - I switched it over to Postscript and voila - it works....

Sigh - hopefully my pain will help someone else overcome their challenges faster than I did over this one!

You can get the Adobe Generic Postscript Driver here...

Thanks Rick - your suggestion helped me track down the problem. All this time I was beating my head against Linux and it was Windows that was the problem (no surprises there!)

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